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Hot Melt Rubber (TM) is currently establishing a distribution network worldwide. Please check back regarding regional dealers in your area and feel free to send us an email if you would like to inquire about becoming one of our distributors.
Why HMR?

Hot Melt Rubber (TM) can be used for home and commercial use for a wide varietry of applications to fill & bond where a sealant may typically be used. HMR performs exceptionally well when used to fill cracks, missing expansion joints and holes in conrete or asphalt. HMR is available in black, gray and sandstone in a variety of form factors from 5 to 30 lb blocks or wound in a "pin-wheel" at custom widths. While other products take hours or days to setup, HMR sets up in just minutes. HMR is used by contractors that need a product that sets up fast! They save thousands of dollars in over-time pay while doing repairs on shopping centers, office buildings, apartments, hotels, hospitals, airports and other commercial facilities since work crews work during the day instead of nights and weekends.
"We save money and time by using HMR to fill in signal loops and replace roadway reflectors for the city. Instead of sending a two man crew with a hot melt truck to do a small repair, we use one man and HMR so our truck can be making us money on the larger jobs".
G.C. for City of Georgtown, TX

" I was amazed at how quick the product sets up. Our residents we never inconvenienced at all. They were walking on it and pushing their carts over it in just minutes. Looks great too!"
- Apartment Complex Property Mgr., Austin, TX

"We have tried just about everything on the market and HMR is by far the best product we have ever used for the replacing rotted or missing expansion joints and filling cracks."
- President, Driveway MakeOvers, Round Rock, TX

"We are saving thousands of dollars by not having to pay our installers overtime to do our shopping centers, retail and office building repairs at night or on weekends like we used too! Thanks HMR!"                                                   -General Contractor, Ft. Worth, TX

"Safer to use than other direct fire products. Applies more evenly and consistant because we control how much material goes into the joint. Nothing on the market we have found even comes close to allowing us to offer our customers what they want."                        -G.M., Fill My Joints, Lakeway, TX

Could this be the most versatile tool in your toolbox?
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Hot Melt Rubber (HMR) is a single component, rapid setting adhesive that bonds to a  wide variety of surfaces including concrete, wood, ceramics, metal, plastic and more in minutes!
The 5 Minute Sidewalk Joint!